It’s Confession Time

Jessica MehringI, Jessica Mehring, the director of Horizon Peak Consulting, have a confession to make. I am an editor. My heart beats for editing written words.

I am an editor. First and foremost.

My passion is taking other people’s rough words, their “brain-dumps,” pulling out the gems, polishing them up and handing the gleaming beauties back over to their original owners.

I’m also a copywriter.

Sometimes polishing isn’t enough. Sometimes there’s not much raw material to work with, or the material needs to be completely rewritten to say what needs to be said. So I go from being an editor to being a copywriter, and it’s a completely seamless process to me.

I always approach every project first as an editor and then as a copywriter.

When I built Horizon Peak Consulting, I created a wide service offering so clients could get the benefit of my many years of experience in online communication and web marketing, as well as the benefits of my network of talented partners. But over time, I noticed that I still approached every project as an editor first and then as a copywriter.

I believe that written content is the most important part of any web marketing strategy.

There, I said it.

But I do understand that there are a lot of pieces to marketing strategy, and written content is just one of them. I wanted to help people with every aspect.

And I did help them. I still do.

That said, in the time since I started this company, clients have responded strongest to the heart of my business: editing and copywriting.

I can’t ignore that.

So you’re going to see a shift at Horizon Peak. I’m still offering all of those critical web marketing services – I’m still helping small businesses establish and improve their web presence. But I’m embracing what makes my heart beat. I’m putting my editing and copywriting services at the forefront.

What does that mean for you? It means that here in this blog and in our newsletter, you’ll be hearing a lot more about creating impactful written content. It also means that if you’ve been toying with the idea of hiring someone to help with your web content, edit that non-fiction book or e-book you wrote, or ghost-write blogs for your business, now is the time to contact me because I’m already getting booked up fast.

I am so excited about this renewed focus for Horizon Peak. I hope you are too.

So answer me this. Do you believe that businesses should start with passion and grow from there, or that businesses should start with a customer need and passion should take a back seat in the process? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

— Jessica Mehring


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