Content Writing
and Executive Ghostwriting

Amplify Your Impact —

All the Way to the C-Suite

What do your customers see when they come to your website?

Or open your emails? Or come across your articles?
Do they see an authority?
An expert?
A credible source?
Or do they see … a passive-aggressive sales pitch?

Your content marketing should be moving you toward your business goals — measurably —

but that doesn’t mean every content asset should hit your audience over the head with a sales pitch.

Your content has a bigger job to do than that. It should:

If your content isn’t working hard enough for your business, don’t worry. You’re in the right place.

Your content has a bigger job to do than that. It should:

If your content isn’t working hard enough for your business, don’t worry. You’re in the right place.

Reliable Authority: Monthly Content

Outcome: Make your expertise and capabilities clear and accessible to your target audience, amplify your message to cut through corporate layers, and experience faster customer growth.

Your content strategy is rock solid. So why aren’t you seeing more growth?

Your implementation might be the problem.

If your content isn’t laser-focused on your target audience, if the quality screams “this was written by an intern,” or if it’s not precisely in-line with your brand, it simply won’t land.

Don’t worry. We can fix that. With a monthly content package, we can help you achieve better results from your strategy than you dreamed possible.

Captain of Industry: White Paper

Outcome: Enable your sales team to sell more with the most effective, authoritative content asset in B2B — and noticeably shorten the sales cycle.

Your marketing and sales teams need high-value assets to get through to large and enterprise buyers. Assets that keep working long after the rep has left the building. Assets that make your company a go-to resource for solving the key problems of your target audience.

Nothing does this better than a white paper. In fact, white papers rank as the most influential B2B content type, as well as the most frequently consumed content type for both influencers and decision-makers.

And we happen to specialize in writing these hard-hitting assets for companies just like yours.

Already know what you want, and just need to get on our schedule as quickly as possible?

>> Purchase the Executive White Paper Package right here.

Launch that campaign with impeccable content

Give your marketing campaign or integrated sales campaign the best chance of success.

Successful marketing and sales enablement don’t happen on a wish and a prayer.

Today’s campaigns are often complex, and include high-value content assets, supporting landing pages, email nurture sequences, and more. Even SDR outreach emails need more than a good sales pitch — they need supporting content to catch the eye of a busy prospect.

When you need targeted, impeccable content from an experienced team, turn to the experts at Horizon Peak Consulting.

Do you ever wonder how your competitor’s C-Suite finds the time to write those standout articles?

Executive ghostwriting is the content marketing secret of the Fortune 500.

Our proprietary content creation methodology works equally well for ghostwritten articles. We step into the shoes of your executive team to write articles that strategically position your company in the market.

Our Process

Step 1

After you’ve scoped out our portfolio, you’ll tell us all about yourself in the project survey.

Next you’ll jump on an intro call with Jessica Mehring to make sure we’re a good fit and get Jessica’s take on what the best next step would be.

Step 2

Once you’ve signed our general contract and proposal, paid the invoice, and got your place on our project schedule, we’ll brainstorm topics and themes for your content.

Then the Horizon Peak Team will start the content outline and research.

Step 3

In this phase, we write like the wind. You’ll receive the first draft of your content for review on or before the deadline.

Step 4

Final revisions complete, we deliver the final content to you.

Step 5

3-6 months after you’ve published the content, we’ll schedule a call with you to review your results. For retainer clients, this will be an ongoing monthly or quarterly review and project planning call.