Facing Off with Online Marketing Reports

There is so much great data out there to help you figure out where to spend your digital marketing time and money.

Aweber just posted a blog about their Online Marketing Face-Off, where they pitted 8 online marketing channels against each other and analyzed the results. While I completely agree with the results, and I have definitely found my own business lining up with what they found, not every business is the same.

Inc.com came out with a report that dug into 33 industries and uncovered where most of the online activity was happening. From this, you can see that industries widely differ in how their customers are engaging. Horizon Peak, for example, should focus on blogs and social media but pay some attention to SEO as well, according to that report. But working with a client in the oil industry recently, I advised them to focus less on SEO and more on blog and social media content, because conversations about their industry were clearly taking place in those spaces.

This is why your small business need a strategist. If you don’t have someone in-house who is keeping up on these trends and focusing on your specific industry, it’s time to contact Horizon Peak Consulting.

Written by Jessica Mehring, owner of Horizon Peak Consulting

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