What is a white paper? And how does it help me sell my offerings?

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You have a high-dollar product or service that you want to get into the hands of executive-level buyers or high-level decision-makers. This audience doesn’t have time to sift through your website or sit through sales pitches. They want solutions. They want facts. They want answers.

How do you market or sell to buyers who don’t have time for sales pitches?

You produce a white paper.

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a special report that explains why your offering is the perfect solution to your customer’s problem. It doesn’t sell. It educates and persuades. It’s long enough to give a lot of important details, but not long enough to bore the reader. It’s well-written and designed so the customer can print it out and present it in meetings or hand it to the boss who is going to sign-off on the expenditure.

How does a white paper help you make sales?

A white paper is easier for busy business-people to palate because it doesn’t overtly sell. Rather, a white paper gives the customer the information they need to make an informed decision or present your offering to their peers or supervisor.

It shows the customer you understand their problem, then it answers questions and addresses the objections with facts and case studies.

Oh, and there’s a small, unobtrusive call-to-action at the end so the reader knows exactly how to buy what you’re offering.

The Sales Tool That Isn’t ObnoxiousSpecial Report: How to Create White Papers That Convert

Face it. Most sales-focused content and marketing tools — sales pages, phone consultations, brochures — reek of sales. No matter how genuine you are in your marketing, no matter how hard you work to truly build a relationship with your customers, it’s always obvious you’re trying to sell something.

A white paper handles sales a bit differently. It’s a tool that the buyer can use. It’s pure information. It educates and it persuades through facts.

In fact, many salespeople are given stacks of white papers to take to meetings and trade shows, or given links to downloadable PDFs to send to potential customers, and they don’t even know that the information they are giving out is called a white paper! These pieces of content are unobtrusive but very powerful.

I believe white papers are so valuable in marketing and sales — especially with high-dollar offerings and busy businesses — that I put together a brand new guide to show you exactly how to create them. You can download your free copy below, or get more information right here.

– Jessica Mehring



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