The White-Paper Kindle Book is Here!

If you’ve been reading this blog or getting my email updates for the last couple of months, you know I’ve been writing a Kindle e-book that expands on my How to Create a White Paper That Converts free special report.

If you’re new around here, however, WELCOME! You picked a great time to come along.

Drumroll please…

Content That Sells Without Selling: How to Create a White Paper is now available at Amazon.

Content That Sells Without Selling: How to Create a White Paper That Converts

This Kindle e-book expands on the free White Papers That Convert report and gives you more detailed instructions, more templates and more examples. If you downloaded the free report and just felt like you needed more, Content That Sells Without Selling may be just the ticket.

If you’re not even sure what a white paper is or how it can help you grow your B2B sales without slimy sales tactics, get through to busy executives and give your customers a tool they can use to make the best decision for their business (that is, buying your solution), here are some more resources you might want to check out:


>> What is a white paper? And how does it help me sell my offerings?

>> A B2B Investment With a Huge Payoff

>> Content Marketing for 3 Customer Communication Types

>> Free special report on creating white papers that convert



– Jessica Mehring


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