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Corporate Copywriting: It’s Not Sexy, but You Love It Anyway

You've seen corporate copywriting in action. That website of that company you always buy your computers from. The TV commercial that cracks you up every darn time you see it. The marketing email you got from that funky, irreverent brand your sister turned you on to. You probably don't pay it much attention -- but it connected you with that brand and got you engaged.

10 Things to Do (and NOT to do) for More Effective Content Marketing

In today’s dog-eat-dog online world, newer, more exciting content is but a click away, which is why effective content marketing is more important than ever. Learn how and why to avoid 10 of the most common content marketing mistakes to successfully generate leads for your business site.

How to Blog About Technology – Without Putting Your Audience to Sleep

Technology companies can use blogs to generate leads, build credibility, and create and maintain relationships with their target customers. But many are doing it wrong, and they're not getting the results they're after. Here's how to more effectively blog for a technology business.

Is Your Copywriter Killing Your B2B Business?

Choosing the wrong copywriter can be catastrophic for a business. It can cause costly miscommunications, project delays and increased workload. But choosing the right copywriter can be a business driver. It can improve your marketing results, take work off your plate and help you produce better content, faster.

3 Ways to Change Your B2B Marketing Approach and Increase Profit

The latest statistics show that the B2B buyer's journey is becoming more complex. Are you adjusting your marketing approach to meet buyers where they are? If not, consider these three ways to engage more B2B buyers.

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