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How to Structure Your LinkedIn Profile Summary

You've gathered all the details you want to include in your LinkedIn profile summary. You've decided who your target audience is and what voice you want to write your summary in. Now what? Here are some LinkedIn profile summary layout examples that will get you going toward the finish line.

How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile Summary in 5 Easy Steps

Five steps to create an effective, true-to-you LinkedIn profile summary that stands out from the crowd and helps you reach your goals.

3 of the Oddest Places You Will Find Content Marketing

Think outside the box a little when it comes to your business’s content marketing strategy. Great content marketing can be found in the oddest places. Here are three surprising examples.

The 7 Biggest Content Marketing Blunders (and How to Avoid Them)

Beware of these seven content marketing mistakes that could be causing you to miss a huge chunk of your target audience -- or alienate those you DO reach. (Don't worry -- I also give you powerful tips on how to fix them!)

2 Questions You MUST Answer to Create an Effective B2B Content Strategy

To create a truly effective content marketing strategy for your business, don’t just guess where your customers are hanging out or how they’re consuming their content. Spend the time and energy to find out.

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