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5 Facts About the English Language That Will Impress Your Friends

I love the English language – especially in its written form. Here are five facts about the English language that will impress your friends.

What Missing a Conference Taught Me About Customer Loyalty

When I missed this conference, I was devastated. But they still made it a valuable experience for me -- and they've earned a loyal customer for life. Here's what YOU can learn from Copyblogger's customer service.

How to Make Your Corporate Blog More Interesting and More Successful

Your corporate blog is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your target audience and get found in search engines – if you do it right. Don't fall into the "boring corporate blog" trap. Read this to learn how to make your blog more interesting and ultimately more successful.

Why Every Copy Element Must Have ONLY One Job

Each element of copy should perform only ONE job. There are two reasons for this: first, eliminating choice paralysis. The second reason might make your job even easier, though.

Will Mobilegeddon Affect Your Business?

Google began rolling out their latest mobile-friendly algorithm on April 21. The SEO industry has dubbed it "Mobilegeddon," and it’s sent website owners into a panic. Learn what you can do to prepare your business's website and make sure that your search engine rankings aren't affected.

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