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Why You Must Consider Mobile in Your Email Marketing

Mobile matters. Here are five tips that will get you a better open rate and response rate when readers open your marketing emails on their smartphones and tablets.

Value Proposition 101: How to Write a Positioning Statement

Your positioning statement will be your guidepost for your marketing efforts, and it will help you and your team maintain focus and perpetuate your brand. Here's how to write one that works.

Increase Your Conversion Rate by Making Customers Believe in You

Want to increase your conversion rate? Help your customers believe in you -- give them a reason to buy -- then work it into your copy and content.

The 5-Step Case Study Writing Formula

Case studies and testimonials are pure gold for B2B marketing. Here is a 5-step formula for writing case studies that get results.

Business Planning for the New Year

The new year is almost here! Here are the tools I use in my own business planning so you can get a jump start on your own project and content planning.

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