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Big Change Coming to the Horizon Peak Blog

Get ready for a different take on blogging here at Horizon Peak.

5 Marketers You Need to Know

In a sea of mediocre marketing, only the best stand out. Check out these five marketers that are crushing it in the marketing world.

5 Takeaways from “The Go-Giver” That Every Marketer Should Know

The key Go-Giver “secrets” that will help marketers reach more people in a more engaging way.

10 Motivating Quotes on Marketing from Seth Godin

Seth Godin has certainly made a ruckus in the marketing industry. I’ve gathered 10 quotes from the master of rocking the business boat to inspire you, motivate you and give you lots of fun content to share on your social media feeds.

How Content Upgrades Help You Build Better Customer Relationships

Content upgrades (or lead magnets) don't just help you build your email list. They do three very important things for your relationship with your customers.

"Jessica’s attention to detail is superb, and with her experience and focus on quality, I know I can always trust her to meet deadlines with the highest caliber work. She always seems to be one step ahead of me! She’s easy to work with and incredibly knowledgeable — not just about content marketing, but about the technology behind it. I can just tell she takes a true pride in what she does, and her passion shows in every single thing she’s ever worked on for me.” —Terri Hoffman of Marketing Refresh