Big Change Coming to the Horizon Peak Blog

Forgive me while I sound pompous for a moment.

I’ve recently come under the tutelage of Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers fame…

(The pompous part is now done. Thank you for indulging me.)

…and while kicking my behind, she has also opened my eyes to some things.

You see, by nature, I’m the scholarly type. A bit of a brain. On the analytical side. Nerdy, even. (What? No gasp of surprise?) But I’ve been approaching a lot of things in my business from a marketer’s standpoint.

There’s nothing wrong with that. As a copywriter, I’m firmly entrenched in the marketing industry.

The problem is that I’ve allowed that standpoint to take the lead in a lot of what I do at Horizon Peak. Specifically, my blog.

Week after week, I write here because I know the benefits of regular, frequent blogging. More traffic. More trust between my customers and my business. More credibility. Improved SEO.

A blog is a great marketing tool.

It’s also a great educational tool.

That’s the big change that’s coming to the Horizon Peak Blog.

I’m going to do a little experiment.

Instead of writing high-level blog posts here week after week, I’m going to take some time to study.

This is the last post you’re going to see for probably a month.

In that month, I’m going to pick a topic and deeply study it. Really get my hands around it. Dive in and get crazy with it.

Then I’m going to write an epic blog post about what I discovered — and what you can then take away from it.

I believe that all marketing is an experiment.

I have a thesis that I want to explore and prove: A more well-researched, in-depth blog post will be more helpful to you than these high-level posts I’ve been writing.

The experiment begins…



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