15 Blog Topic Ideas That Help You Sell

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What ROI are you seeing from your business blog?

If your answer is “none” or “I don’t know,” I’m wagging my finger at you right now.

Blogging without a strategy, and without leading readers to convert in some way (make a purchase, join your mailing list, etc.) — this is a waste of your time.

Blogging with a purpose — now THAT will help you get you results.

First, you need to think through your blogging strategy and tie it to your revenue goals.

Second, you need to come up with blog topics that feed that purpose and move you toward those revenue goals.

I walk you through this process in-depth in my latest guest post for Petovera.

And don’t miss the awesome free workbook that goes along with it! You can download it right here if you’d like.

Don’t waste any more of your time or money on a blog that doesn’t show ROI.

>> Get 15 blog topic ideas and a strategy that will help you convert readers into buyers right here.


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