5 Compelling SaaS Email Marketing Examples

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Struggling to hold the attention of your prospects and customers, and get your SaaS emails noticed? It’s no wonder. Our inboxes are overflowing, and the numbers keep rising.

Statista estimates that in 2020, people exchanged 306.4 billion emails every day, and its research predicts that number will reach 376.4 billion daily messages by 2025.

Mailchimp data reveals that for the software industry, the average click-through rate for emails is 2.45%.

Still, some SaaS companies are achieving a better response.

Check out these 5 outstanding SaaS email examples for inspiration to boost your email marketing results.

Take a Cue From These Email Marketing Examples


Concepts, an “infinite canvas” sketching and drawing app, features compelling user stories in its email marketing. Each of the profiles gives you fresh ideas for how to use the app in your own life (both personally and professionally).

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Lots of companies send out product update emails that announce new features in the latest releases. Appointment scheduling software Calendly does things differently. Calendly’s product update emails aren’t just a laundry list of administrative announcements. They introduce real-life applications and benefits before they even talk about new and updated features.




Segmenting your list is one of the best ways to provide customized content of specific interest to subscribers. Personalizing your email content can lead to increased engagement rates, because subscribers only receive content they care about, and you can also specifically tailor your offers and potentially improve your conversion rates.

One way of segmenting your list is to send email messages that enable each subscriber to fine-tune their preferences and select the topics that are most compelling to them.

Mailbutler shares that they send out this welcome email to people who sign up for a free trial of their email productivity extension product. The email asks new subscribers to indicate how they will be using the software. This quick survey is a great way to find out what content people are most interested in receiving.




According to Szymon Sekula, Business Intelligence Specialist at Mailbutler, this email has a high open rate and also increases the number of people who use the Mailbutler product on the first day they sign up.


The welcome email is a common (and highly effective) marketing tool for SaaS companies. Your welcome message is the second email most of your subscribers will see — after your initial confirmation message — and the first one that offers substantial content.

The tone of your welcome email should be warm and informative. You can even make jokes here, if that fits your company’s voice — or use interactive elements like gifs or videos, if that suits your brand and the content you’re sharing.

Video marketing platform Wistia has been known to send new subscribers a memorable welcome email in the form of a catchy little poem. (Full disclosure: We signed up for an account and never got a welcome email … so this email format may have changed!)


wistia email


Onboarding emails that teach subscribers how to use software solutions are an effective way of building loyalty and getting more freemium opt-ins to convert to paying customers.

Hojtar is a SaaS solution that helps companies understand user behavior and measure the success of their websites. This Hotjar email gives three concrete examples of how subscribers can use the software with a team, then links to supporting articles so users can learn more about those features.



Supercharge Your Email Marketing With Remarkable Content

Sending the right email messages to your subscribers at the right time can be a game-changer for your SaaS company. You can build brand awareness, segment your audience, and build loyalty with effective email campaigns.

Just remember: Keep your emails relevant, your copy clear and your content compelling.


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