How to Wield Your Case Studies Like the Secret Weapons They Are

How to wield your case studies like the secret weapons they are

Let me guess. You’re creating white papers, blogs, brochures and e-books to help get the word out about your products and services. Maybe you’re even creating the odd infographic or downloadable guide to get your content marketing engine churning.

There might be one piece of content you are leaving off the list, however …

Case studies.

If you’re creating them at all, you’re probably not using them as content marketing assets. Am I right?

I’m going to set you straight. Case studies are also a valid marketing content medium.

Too many businesses are missing out by not adding this to their marketing repertoires.

Writing a case study is the last item on a project manager’s to-do list. Often that task never gets completed, actually, because the project is done and you’re ready to move on. I mean, what good is a case study, anyway?

Oh … it’s all kinds of good.

In the hands of a savvy marketer, that case study is a client-attraction secret weapon.

Recently I wrote a post for Case Study Buddy detailing 4 ways marketers can use case studies to fill the pipeline with quality customers.

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