How to Use Customer Insight for Higher Converting Content

Man looking at data charts

​In the world of copywriting and conversion optimization, content is often an afterthought.

Those white papers, e-books, blog posts and email sequences that can help build a long-term relationship between the business and the buyer are sometimes shrugged off as necessary evils.

When content is taken seriously, however, it becomes a beacon.

It attracts the unaware, shines a light on the culture and personality of your company, establishes credibility, and persuades people to buy.

Like effective copy, effective content starts with customer insight.

Though analytics and customer feedback are common elements in CRO, they’re not often talked about in the world of content marketing.

I’m aiming to change that.

Read my post on Crazy Egg for a walk-through on how to use customer insight to make your content work harder.


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