A Conversation With Jason Resnick on Live in the Feast

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I recently sat down (virtually, at least) with Jason Resnick for his podcast, Live in the Feast.

Though our conversation began on the topic of “ideal customers,” it quickly blossomed into an exploration of customer relationships and what to do when things in your business stop working the way they should.

In the world of copywriting, we’re often taught to keep communication to a minimum. Don’t get stuck on too many meetings with clients. Close the deal in the initial consultation call so you don’t have to spend more time in additional sales calls. Keep your proposals super short, or don’t send one at all. While there’s a lot of value in that advice for many small businesses, copywriting and otherwise, I found following it limited the relationships I was able to build with my clients.

And to me, relationship is everything.

I can learn more about my client’s business and customers, and because of this I am better able to help my client achieve their goals, because I have a deep relationship with them.

I can ask for what I need to do the job with the utmost care and authority, because I have the kind of relationship with the client where I can reach out and expect a quick and detailed response.

I can see quickly how my strategic advice and written content are performing for my client, because I have the kind of relationship where I’m kept in the loop.

Relationship is everything.

And if it means a lot to you, too, you might enjoy this interview.

Live in the Feast podcast interview

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